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Circuit Board Level Repairs

FPC connectors, Power IC Chips, Tristar, Battery Connctor Microsoldering... we got you covered!
Apple iPhone iPad Samsung board level repairs

The Spark Angels are proud to have several experts in board level repairs using the latest tools and technology. Problems and faults with circuit boards and motherboards on these extremely complex electronic devices are getting more common, but companies that can repair them properly are not!

We have invested in the talented people that have been trained in the industry standard board level training school in New York and also in the equipment for them to carry out their microscopic repairs, sometimes soldering components that are the width of a human hair!

Damaging circuit boards in ever complex smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone and iPad is becoming increasingly more common as individuals or companies accidentally damage these tiny electronic parts whilst inside them. We can repair and replace parts such as FPC connectors, Tristar and Power IC chips, dock connectors and ports, ribbon cable soldering and much more.

FPC tristar power ic chip repairs iPhone iPad

One false move when carrying out an everyday battery or screen replacement on a smartphone to tablet can soon turn into a nightmare as they are so easy to damage. One misaligned pin on a screen connector can completely ruin a device or worse still, a customers device that is worth hundreds of pounds, leaving you with a very large problem! We can help, get in touch for a quote.

iPad air 2 fingerprint id cable broken torn and repaired

We can also rescue some critical situations such as they one above where a company had accidentally torn the fingerprint ID cable on an iPad Air 2, rendering the fingerprint button and Apples "secure enclave" useless. Although quite labour intensive and more than your average repair, it saved the company from having to buy a new iPad at the cost of £500.

circuit board motherboard level repairs for business and trade

Some say that we are lucky to have the capability to do way more than simply "swap out" repairs on todays smartphone and tablet technology. Luck does not come into it, it is a strategy that we have chosen, implemented and continue to develop all of the time to allow you way more repair options than many other repair companies by being able to repair deeper into a device and cure more board level issues.

Our skillset is always growing when it comes to these sorts of repairs so get in touch if you need something repairing and we will do our best to assist.
Email us today on or call us on 01536 609333 and one of our experts will be happy to help.

board motherboard level iPhone iPad apple repairs

Just A Sample Of What The Spark Angels Repair

Repairing your tech means that you save time & money!

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