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Now Repairing iPad Pros Again!

By Neil Barker May 05, 2022 0 comments

Well folks, it has been a while but we can now officially say that we repair the Apple iPad Pro series once again after a hiatus of about 3 years...

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Why? indeed... that is the question. We used to repair these as a matter of course along with every single other model of iPad from the Mini to the Air but alas the Pro series used to give us a headache, a very expensive headache too!

Faulty Broken iPad Pro Repairs UK

What changed? lots and nothing. Over time we had new people inducted into The Spark Angels with new repair and problem solving skillsets and new parts come and go and come back again and it seems that a combination of these factors and potentially the planets aligning means that we once can offer this service without fear of near bankruptcy!

The problem used to be that we had some iPad Pros that were already broken to a degree, mostly screens, but fully working otherwise and they would die on the operating table for completely unknown reasons. The Spark Angels "do the right thing" as an upstanding member of the community and replaced those devices at enormous cost to us! sometimes up to £1000!!

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As you can imagine, this got scary and we had to stop until we understood the problem, now quite some years later we trialled and now successfully repair the iPad Pro to our customers delight!

Faulty Broken iPad Pro Repairs UK

Here are some examples of our work at its finest and the relief is immense, there is nothing worse that having to turn repairs away from people that absolutely love repairing and handing a fully working device back to a smiling customer and although the repairs aren't cheap, compared to the other option of replacement we save them hundreds and hundreds of £££££!

If you need your Apple iPad Pro repairing, whether it has a broken screen, faulty battery, bent or simply does not turn on then you too can now get it repaired by The Spark Angels!

You can email us at:

Or call us on 01536 609333 or 01933 674772 and don't worry if you're not local, most customers aren't, so they securely mail their device in to us and we get it repaired super quickly!

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